Product Description Pb Sheet

Pb 99,94Cu, Accord. to ASTM B-29, B-749 BSEN 12588:2006

Chemical Composition:
0.0009% max
0.03/0.05% max
0.005% max
0.001% max
0.005% max
Other Elements
0.02% max
Lead (Pb)
Pb sheet
Lead/ Pb sheet in plate form

Elemen Lead with atomic symbols Pb is generally the most cost-effective radiation shielding material that protects against the effects of gamma rays and x-rays.

The properties of lead shielding which makes it an excellent shielding material is its density, high atomic number, high level of stability, ease of fabrication, high degree of flexibility in application and its availability.
Physical Properties
Physical Details
Atomic Weight
Atomic Number
11.34g cm
Ca-Efficient of linear Expersion
0.0000293 per c
Thermal Conductivity
34.76 wmc
Melting Point
327.4 ° C (600.65 K, 621.5 °F)

Applications Pb Sheet

Lead/ Pb Sheets are offered for many applications that include :

1. Radiation shielding
2. Laboratories
3. Hospitals
4. Dental offices and veterinary clinics
5. Construction
6. Roofing, flashing and waterproofing
7. Corrosion protection
8. Acid storage and handling
9. Autoclaves
10. Precipitators
11. Movable Lead screens
12. Sound barriers and soundproofing
13. Nuclear energy shielding
14. Tank lining
15. Vibration absorbers